Brother Simplifies Embroidery Machines?

The Beginning

Snuggly nestled in a shopping center on the corner of Skibo and Red Tip Rd is a place that reminds us sewing is not a dying art. “My father began his career in sewing machine retail sales and service in 1984,” says Randy. Originally from Fort Lauderdale Florida, Randy’s father serviced the sewing needs of Fort Lauderdale for over 20 years. Randy began to learn about repairing sewing machines by solving all kinds of customer problems without regard to what kind of sewing or embroidery machine they brought into the shop.

The Transition

Sewing is in Randy’s blood! This is not something he stumbled on one day while visiting a crafts store. He grew up servicing what some may now consider vintage machines. Randy has an appreciation for the craftsmanship of traditional sewing machines, however, he also recognizes the impact more modern computerized machines have made on the customer’s ease of use. He also understands the demands the world has placed on the crafters and offers those highly intuitive machines to combat those requirements. Regardless of skill level, Randy’s Sewing Center boasts one of the largest selection of easy to use commercial and consumer products.

Am I Your Brothers Keeper?

OK, OK…perhaps it wasn’t the most clever play on words, but hopefully, you got the idea. What I really wanted to say was brother has led the market in affordable yet dependable machines. Here are a few of the embroidery machines available at the shop.

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